Mandurah Samphire

Creery Wetlands and Samphire Cove - Home of the Quenda also known as the Southern Brown Bandicoot

Creery Wetlands & Samphire Cove Nature Reserves

Life on the Estuary Fringe

School CompetitionWelcome to Mandurah Samphire

Samphire is an important and fascinating environment fringing the Peel Inlet, near Mandurah in south-western Australia.


Creery Waterbird Surveys

Take a closer look…
The walk trails, hides, viewing platforms and information shelters at Samphire Cove and Creery Wetlands Nature Reserves provide a window into this unique and fragile environment. Take one of our Virtual Tours for a sneak preview.

Visit the Mandurah samphire for yourself. Entry is free to both reserves. Samphire Cove Nature Reserve and Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve are open every day.

The reserves are managed by the Department of Conservation and Land Management, Peel Region Office.

Teachers - please view our Education Package to help you plan your visit.

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Samphire at Creery Wetlands and Samphire Cove at the Peel Inlet near Mandurah

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